Damage Waiver for Portable Toilet Rentals, Portajohns, Porta-Potties

Protect yourself from liability for damage to your portable toilet rental in NJ, NY and PA

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Johnny On The Spot, a leader in temporary restroom rentals in NJ, NY and PA, is proud to offer a Damage Waiver Program to limit your liability for theft, vandalism and accidental damage to the portable restrooms we furnish. This is an option offered and suggested to our customers for their protection; it is not part of the rental agreement. Our Damage Waiver Program can protect you against costly replacement charges on your rented porta-potties for barely a penny an hour.

Damage Waiver Q&A

Q. Am I protected against portajohns damaged by fire or vandalism when I am not on the job?
A. Yes, you are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. What happens if a portable restroom is accidentally run over and demolished by equipment operated by one of my employees or myself?
A. You are protected against all accidental damage you or your employee may cause. The average replacement value of a portable restroom is between $650 - $1,900.

Q. What is my protection if one of my sub-contractors or material suppliers damages a restroom on my job site or place of business?
A. You are protected anytime of the day or night for accidental damage as previously stated.

Q. What is our actual cost of your program?
A. The cost is $0.20/Day/Unit for Standard Restrooms, $0.20/Day/Unit for Hand Wash Sinks, $0.20/Day/Unit for Urinal Carts, $0.20/Day/Unit for Lookout Guard Stations, $0.25/Day/Unit for Deluxe Restrooms, $0.40/Day/Unit for Celebrity Restrooms and $0.50/Day/Unit for Standard Restrooms and $0.50/Day/Unit for Hitch-N-Go Restrooms.

Q. What is my protection if a temporary restroom is discovered missing and is obviously stolen from our job site/property?
A. The Damage Waiver does cover theft when a police report is provided.

Q. Have other customers considered this program a worthwhile investment?
A. With today's high cost of replacing and repairing portable restrooms damaged due to vandalism, fire, accidents and unforeseen circumstances, we seldom have a customer decline. Each year, many customers who are victims of unfortunate circumstances like these benefit from this program.

Q. Do we have to accept this program?
A. No. You will need to sign a Decline Statement and return it to our office for our files. If we do not receive a signed and dated Decline Statement, your account will automatically be charged for the Damage Waiver monthly.

Don't wait until it's too late! Have peace of mind knowing you're covered if your temporary restroom is damaged by vandalism, accident or fire.

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If you have a question regarding our Damage Waiver that is not answered here, please call 732-721-3443 or email info@johnnyonthespot.com.

Johnny on the Spot, Inc. provides customers with Automatic Damage Waiver protection against substantial losses incurred from fire, theft, and vandalism. With a replacement unit cost of $650 - $1,900, this protection provides customers with coverage against uncontrollable acts during long-term rental periods. Customers not enrolled in the damage waiver protection program are strongly urged to take advantage of this low cost coverage. Please fill out the following form to either activate or decline Damage Waiver Protection on your portable restroom rental(s):

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